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Sweet Spot Development is developing a rehabilitation project involving the former "Camillus Cutlery" property located at 52-54 Genesee Street in the Village of Camillus, New York. This property served as world headquarters and manufacturing center for the renowned Camillus Cutlery Company until its closure in 2007. Our development team has studied the property and created a redevelopment vision consistent with the Village of Camillus' plans to redevelop and re-energize its downtown business district.

Our project vision is to redevelop the property into a mixed-use, multi-discipline wellness center providing a full range of amenities and services. Upon completion, Camillus Mills will offer up to 100,000 square feet of well-designed interior space integrating medical, professional, wellness/fitness and supportive uses.

As an adaptive reuse project, the scope of work will employ sustainable building practices. The project will include the demolition of blighted vacant buildings and the clean-up of the environmentally challenged former industrial site. Our plans include a "greening" of the property and the beautification of areas along Nine Mile Creek. Open spaces will help to beautify the grounds while also capturing historical aspects of the property.


The property is situated in the middle of the downtown commercial district of the Village of Camillus and is comprised of three parcels totaling approximately of 4.5 acres. There were two vacant buildings on the property. In total, they accounted for approximately 130,000 total square feet. A former manufacturing building located on the eastern portion of the property measured approximately 88,000 square feet and was located along the banks of Nine Mile Creek, a tributary which eventually feeds into Onondaga Lake. The second building which is located on the western side of the property is approximately 45,000 square feet. The Eastern building was razed in February 2013.

The Western building was constructed in three separate stages from south to north (1925, 1940, 1973). This building replaced an older wooden structure on site and is a good candidate for adaptive reuse due to its size, open floor plan, floor to floor height, accessibility and character.


Once all eastern buildings are fully removed and the site is fully cleaned, further analysis will be conducted to determine the exact location(s) of future development phase opportunities along Nine Mile Creek.

All finishes within the Western building are scheduled for removal or upgrades. The roof will be removed and replaced. All windows and doors need replacement due to deterioration and inefficiencies. The building's passenger elevator will also receive rehabilitative work.  An elevator common area entrance will also be constructed on the building's North side.

Deconstruction and building demolition will be performed in a manner such that potentially hazardous materials are properly identified and removed from the site. Sweet Spot Development and its environmental affiliates will work with New York's Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure remediation and removal efforts utilize approved methods and programs. Camillus Mills has entered into a voluntary cleanup program with New York's Department of Environmental Conservation in order to meet property cleanup goals.



Immediate plans involve the complete rehabilitation of the Western building to include the following components:

  • Camillus Mills Phase 1new roof;
  • new elevator cab & new mechanicals;
  • new windows (66);
  • necessary remediation;
  • external building rehabilitation and resurfacing;
  • atrium with canopy finish out & additional entrance canopies;
  • site work, re-grading & paving;
  • roof top HVAC units;
  • external building lighting & security system installation;
  • 5,100 sq. ft. finished heated and cooled residential space;
  • 34,000 est. commercial space.

Once rehabilitation is complete, we expect to tenant the building with a mix of medical/professional and residential space. The residential space will be located in the "Main Street" portion of the second floor and will be served by an elevator and two stairwells. A mix of one and two bedroom units will provide rental opportunities involving comfortable, well lit space with modern amenities, including washer and dryer hook-ups. The professional/commercial space will be fully stubbed with the requisite utility, electrical, HVAC and telecommunications hook-ups. Interior layout and design will be tenant driven, and architecturally compatible with the entire project vision. A full build-out option will also be made available to tenants.

Future Phases

Future development phases are being planned and will provide additional Class "A" space for medical, wellness, support services, spa and eatery options. Camillus Mills is a mixed use project and will benefit from renewed options and vitality on site. Sweet Spot Development is currently canvassing parties that may be interested in discussing future development opportunities and specifically seeks additional medical participants in the project, as well as spa fitness uses, wellness practitioners and bistro restaurant entrepreneurs. Build to suit, lease and ownership opportunities are available.


Camillus Mills is located at 52 & 54 Genesee Street in the Village of Camillus, New York. Conveniently located on both Genesee Street (considered "Main Street" to the Village and its downtown business district) and Newport Road, approximately one quarter of a mile from the NYS Route 5 on-ramp to Interstate 695/690 (the main east-west arterial connecting the western towns and suburbs to Syracuse and points east), getting to and from Camillus Mills is a breeze. Camillus Mills is approximately 10 miles via the expressways from St Joseph's Hospital Health Center, Crouse Hospital and Upstate University Hospitals in Syracuse, 8 miles from Community General in Syracuse and approximately 15 miles from Auburn Memorial via Route 5.

Camillus Mills is within a five minute drive from anywhere in the Town of Camillus, as well as Fairmount, Westvale, Solvay, Onondaga Hill, Marcellus and much of Baldwinsville. The site is a ten to fifteen minute drive toward the Syracuse commercial and business corridors for residents of Skaneateles, Elbridge and Auburn. Over 174,000 people live in those communities and the rural towns within a twenty-five minute drive to the west/northwest of Camillus Mills. Camillus Mills does not expect to compete with other medical office complexes in the City of Syracuse, Salina, East Syracuse or Fayetteville for patient referrals in the city or in the eastern and northern suburbs. Those communities possess large medical complexes with hundreds of thousands square feet of medical space that provide convenient services to their residents. However, Camillus Mills will fill a much needed void and offer modern wellness alternatives for the very large population that resides west of Syracuse. Demographics in the western suburbs compare favorably with those in the east and north such as DeWitt and Liverpool. For example, the mean income of households in the West Genesee School district is $73,525.

Currently the only significant medical building in the area is Medical Center West, which is also located on Genesee Street less than one mile from Camillus Mills, and the facility is currently reported to have nearly its entire lease capacity filled. Recent surveys of commercial real estate listings disclose only very limited free standing properties that currently have leasable "office space" available in the Town of Camillus, and these availabilities are less than 10,000 square feet. Office space is restricted with approximately 133,000 ± SF of competitive space generally showing a 7% vacancy (approximately 9,800 ± SF) in the immediate Camillus area. With limited inventory, demand, especially in medical office space, has increased and potential tenants requiring space in the Camillus area have found it a difficult search. Smaller retail type buildings and single family homes have been converted to make-shift basis offices with very limited parking.

Since mainstream retail is not being sought for the project, there will not be direct competition with larger commercial corridors in the area. We anticipate that our unique vision for the former Camillus Cutlery property will attract the interest of professionals, medical practices and area entrepreneurs due to the complimentary uses being planned.

Population Medium Income
3 mile ring 16,445 $66,084
Town of Camillus 24,167 $66,088
West Genesee School District* $73,525**
12 mile ring 111,000 $66,279
25 mile west 174,000


* Encompasses the town of Camillus and includes portions of the towns of Geddes, Elbridge, Onondaga and Van Buren
** Mean income; medium income data not available
This data is based on 2010 census.

















Van Buren











We are very proud and excited to introduce Camillus Mills to Central New York's western suburbs and hope you will contact us to learn about the tremendous options and opportunities available. We thank you for your interest and support.